mercoledì 18 settembre 2013

an overwhelming vision

the reality was better and better than my photograph can show...
a wonderful and overwhelming vision outside my window

domenica 1 settembre 2013

my insects' shelter

all it's ready for winter...
there are a lot of bees and wasps around here in these days, 
I hope they will appreciate the home that I built for them 
and for whatever other insect want enjoy it.

yesterday's stroll through the city

Hottingen, Schanzengasse

( Stadelhofen, over the station )

happy rhubarb !

These are two of my plants of rhubarb. They left yesterday their too smaller earthenware pots and now live together in this huge recycled bag (it was a Burkina Faso's concrete bag, before it was changed into a pot for plants). I think that they are happy about their new home, and they will be ready to spend a good winter there...
I'm happy, they too, and so I want just to share our vegetal gladness!