domenica 28 luglio 2013

from Gumen to Butzi

the first part of the path, through the alpine flowers

Gumen, the little white thing in the background (above)
and then the the vast wonderful space made of alpine flora, 
grass, and rocks around Butzi (in the direction of Bärentritt)

the melting snow looks almost like stone...
and the stones. I truly love the stones. 
They are a natural form of art, so beautiful and perfect shapes, 
and this kind of stone is one of my favorite. 

alpine flora

alpine flora, around Butzi

magic woods

magic woods, just a little up from Braunwald

and then just a little more up, in the direction of Gumen

old thing

bonded to a  bench, in Braunwald

insects' shelter


in Braunwald. I think I'll have to do a thing like this 
(for my insects) before next winter...